We must make every effort to help local decent while facilitating its connection with the National movement. We must do everything possible to highlight, and shine a light on divisions perpetuated by mainstream propaganda, which spreads miss-information that divides the Us, the People, the Econo-Slaves. Our job is to expose the putrid population of Corporatists inside the Democratic Party & do everything within our power to create a New Party. The Democratic Party as We knew it is DEAD! The Democratic Party is a party of Centrist-Corporatist & part of the AmeriCo.nian-Duopoly. Period! There must be a New Political Party. It will NOT come from the AmeriCo.nians! It is our job to join the People like The Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World) did while knowing They/Us may be crushed; like Big Bill Haywood and Eugene Debs were. There’s going to be some heavy lifting. Have a nice day!

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