The Return of The Draft

Trump Ponders Conscription

In a recent interview with President Trump’s Policy Director John Mashburn, the question was asked if a rumor was true regarding conscription and the idea of repealing what former President Nixon set in motion in 1970. Mashburn commented by saying, “The idea of removing an all-volunteer army has been discussed.”

Uncle SamNixon thought ending the draft could be an effective political weapon against the growing anti-war movement. He believed middle-class youths would lose interest in protesting the war once it became clear that they would not have to fight and possibly die, in Vietnam.

Mashburn went on to say, “A growing class of the country feel that many young people would benefit greatly by serving their country. We see it as a way for people (men and women) to learn about the world they live in, and after two years they can go on to a college or a career with more maturity.”

A follow-up question was asked regarding, making the United States a mandatory military service country. Mashburn replied with, “Yes, countries like Isreal, Greece and 25 others have the same military service requirements for its’ citizens. By removing the stress of a job, and allowing young minds to build a positive outlook for their future, is almost guaranteed, by helping the country become the great nation it was founded on.”

The effort to enforce Selective Service registration law was abandoned in 1986. Since then, no attempt to reinstate conscription has been able to attract much support in the legislature or among the public. Since early 2003, when the Iraq War appeared imminent, there had been attempts through legislation and campaign rhetoric to begin a new public conversation on the topic. Public opinion since 1973 has been largely negative, and the majority of proposals appear to be motivated by either a concern of fairness in who serves or of public officials withdrawing their support for a war for fear their children would have to serve in the line of fire.

   Denver Guardian | March 15, 2017

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