Let us make every effort to embrace simple dialectical honesty while trying to find some common ground of words.

James Allen in his famous 1903 pamphlet As a Man Thinketh, describes Right Thought and the words we use as material and real as a hammer & a nail.

… BUT because they are immediate and free we sense our words have little or no value.

Let us refrain from mentioning the incoming President-elect of our former Republic.

Let us refrain from mentioning the Leader and architect of the NSDAP, the National Socialist German Workers Party of pre-WWII Germany – who oddly enough were not Socialists – but White National Xenophobic, Homophobic, Anti-Semites.

With this said we would like to talk to you about – Benito Mussolini Il Duce!

Benito Mussolini came to power becoming the youngest Italian Prime Minister after his Black Shirted Squadristi had successfully lead The March on Rome in October 1925. By 1927 Il Duce and his Black Shirted Squadristi had dissolved the Italian G’ovt, outlawed Unions, first restricted and then annulled elections, finally taking full dictatorial control of the Italian Fascist Party.

His Black Shirt Squadristi’s were the very model of the NSDAP’s Schutzstaffel – the German SS.

“Fascism more appropriately should be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and Corporate power.” ― Benito Mussolini

Is a G’ovt designed to serve its People? Does a State serve itself at all costs? Does a Deep State seek to Control its People at ANY COST? Even if it means eating its tail.

Mussolini, who had been wounded during World War I had come to power with one goal in mind. To return Italy to the Grandeur of the Ancient Roman Empire through conquest, invasion and Colonization of foreign lands starting in Ethiopia.

Mussolini was consumed with the idea of Empire, in the creation of the Italian Fascist DEEP STATE he had no regard for the wellbeing of the Italian People or its culture. Mussolini was a Sociopath surrounded by Sociopaths.

The Ancient Roman Fasces

The Ancient Roman Fasces, the root word of FASCIST.

THE FASCES was carried from town to town in Ancient Rome from Diocese to Diocese by Lictors, powerful, former Roman Legionnaires, acting as bodyguards to the Magistrates serving the comitia curiata a governing body of Rome. The Lictors accompanied their Magistrates carrying out legal and penal duties, could arrest and punish Roman Citizens found guilty at their Magistrates command. Including the penalty of death.

So you see The Fasces was THE SYMBOL of Roman State Power. A portable decapitation kit. Whenever you see this symbol, it spells out – plain and simple the power of the State over The People.

If you watch our President’s State of the Union address broadcast from the Chamber of the United States House of Representatives, you will see on either side of the podium, to the Left and the Right TWO SEVEN FOOT tall gold plated ROMAN FASCES.

house of representatives

Do those Fascist symbols need to be there?  The United States Mint removed the Fasces from the reverse of our silver dime in 1946.

Should We believe this has no meaning?

Or is it a subtle, covert psychological image set there to remind us – that the marriage of Corporate Power & The State has already happened. After all, our G’ovt doesn’t serve us.

Both Political State Parties long ago melded Corporate Power to the Deep State. President Eisenhower warned of IT as he left office.

Deep State forces maintain control during the Peaceful Transfer of Power every four years on the January 20th Ceremonial Display when the Seasonal Help shows up to be sworn in for four years Service. The Big Show – Oh, Look! We’ve done it again, Big Congrats all around – the Peaceful transfer of Power – The Greatest Democracy on Earth – while the Deep State winks, rolls over and continues marching toward its ultimate goal with a perfect balanced vision of Friendly Fascism – until it becomes unfriendly, and We wake up to find a Republic we no longer recognize.

Milton Mayer, a Chicago-born author, editorial writer and educator who’s book, They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-1945, a study of the lives of TEN ordinary Germans under the Third Reich, was first published in 1955.

In his book, a baker reminisced to Mr. Mayer about the change of thought in the German culture during this period. The buildings didn’t change, our cars looked the same, the clothes we wore, meals with our families – all the same … but our thoughts changed, intentions changed.  We were comfortable and became hypnotized.  We became part of the problem.

In the 2012 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary Goodwin’s Law entered the lexicon. Created in 1990 by American attorney Mike Goodwin it asserts:

“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving NSDAP or its Leader approaches 1″— that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to the NSDAP or its Leader.

Is Goodwin’s Law now cemented in the lexicon by the Oxford English Dictionary outdated from a seemingly more genteel, civilized time – the 1990’s.

But has there ever been a civilized time here? From the beginning?  The slaughter of the Arawak Indians? The decimation of the Indigenous North & South American People, the importation of Slavery to build the Southern-Slavocracy, followed by 500 years of racist suppression continuing on a daily basis? The Trail of Tears? Operation Paperclip? Vietnam? Who knows exactly how many lives We destroyed in Afghanistan and Iraq’s illegal wars for Our Empire, AmeriCo.nia to endure and keep expanding its Endless War Economy, pillaging the Earth.

… How long can we continue to pretend? American Corporations, Quasi-unchecked Totalitarian Capitalist-States (as defined by Noam Chomsky) own & control more than half of all the resources on Earth. Confirmed and committed Corporatists are currently being promoted to run major Departments within our own former Republic – Our Own Loving DEEP STATE.

Goodwin’s Law?  Maybe it still applies, but it does NOT apply to saying where our former Republic is headed. We must verbalize it. We must say it CLEARLY out loud.

By association, how can any one of us imagine, that we are not FASCIST now? That we are complacent with the Government that rules us. For We, The People are no longer Free!

If by chance you might like more information on stopping this you can go to REF– USEFASCISM.org – to read more.

We have no connection with this website other than to believe wholly in its cause.

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