We, The Econo-Slaves set in stone the following demands. We, DEMAND these Rights immediately from all political parties in the former People’s Republic of the United States of America.  Rome had Her Twelve Tables - these are Ours!

  1. Healthcare for All

We demand a Single Payer Healthcare for ALL Americans and have the SAME insurance as the United States House & Senate.

  1. Count Every Vote

We demand a return to paper ballots. There is no voter fraud. There is election fraud! We demand and end to the Gerrymandering created under the Census of 2010. 

  1. Healthy Worker Rights & minimum wage

We demand set paid sick and maternity leave. We demand ALL workers be paid overtime after 35 hours of work, limited to an eight-hour work day. Time and a half for work over 35 hours. Double time after 40 hours.  A week of vacation time upon being hired and an additional week for every two years of accumulated work. Capping at six weeks annually. We demand a LIVING minimum wage of $20 per hour linked to inflation.

  1. The Right to Organize

We demand the workers' RIGHT to organize by requiring ALL employers to recognize a union after a majority of workers sign cards authorizing representation & an end to Right to Work(for less) State Legislation.

  1. No Permanent Bases Worldwide

We demand an immediate 85% reduction in military spending and an end to all foreign bases as it contributes to International hostilities. We demand all troops outside the United States borders home immediately!

  1. Stop Torture, end ALL Black Prison Sites

We demand an immediate end.

  1. Education

We demand a Bank Jubilee for past college loans that have paid off 25% of principle and that ALL current and future college loans be based on SIMPLE INTEREST over the life of the loan. Compound Interest Notes on any educational endeavor will be forbidden by law.  All schools run for profit must make known their graduate placement rates before a student signs in writing to each student. ALL Federal monies for private and charter schools will be forbidden.

  1. Free and Independent Media

We demand all mainstream media be returned to Fairness Doctrine Standards outlawed under the Reagan Administration. Monopolies will not be allowed in the media; the Fourth Estate will be returned.  Lies, overt lies will be called out to the Econo-Slaves.

  1. Public Financing of Campaigns

We demand all political campaigns to be publicly funded with set capped amounts.  Campaign periods will be kept to a maximum of six months.

  1. Clean Energy

We demand to continue to move away from fossil fuels. Period. Renewable resources are to be rewarded with tax incentives while expanding the Paris Climate Agreement.

  1. Lobbying in Washington D. C., end Monopolies, Glass-Steagal

We demand since everyone knows Lobbying is legalized bribery and since we will have Publicly Funded elections,  Lobbying, aka Legalized Bribery will be banned and against the Law. Break up ALL monopolies starting with the American Investment-Banking Cabal by reimplementation of Glass-Steagal. Period. Monsanto cannot own Bayer; the Big Banks must be smashed into a thousand pieces. Reinstate the Anti-Trust Laws created under Theodore Roosevelt.

  1. A Return to the pre-Ronald Reagan tax rates. The top 1% will now give back to our Nation - or get out!

We demand a return to the pre-Ronald Reagan tax rates and increasing the tax rate on Social Security payments up to $5 million.  This will extend Social Security for individuals for another 100+ years. The 1% will be taxed at a rate no less than 72%. The same rate the taxes were BEFORE Ronald Reagan butchered them with his ridicules Trickle Down Economics, aka Trickle Down Joke perpetuated on the Econo-Slaves middle and working class families.

Econoslaves Unite!  One People, One Nation!

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