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So, you think you're an Econo-Slave? Unless you make at minimum $350k a year, have $1m in liquid assets, a full pension with free health care (about 2% of the U.S.), then chances are that you need to us, as much as we need you.

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How To Help

You can support Econo-Slave by donating to the cause or creating your own Econo-Slave sticker and doing with them what you will. If you design a great sticker let us know, we may add it to our Limited Edition collection and compensate your work. In the meantime...

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Hidden Currency

In order to spread the message, Econo-Slave has hidden sticker packs filled with currency in random places across the country. Follow us on Instagram to find out the secret locations. This is not a joke - FREE money is out there.

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Are You An Econo-Slave?

1: a person who stands surety for a job they cannot stand, or are forced to work offering themselves up for labor with no other alternative. Indentured to a job one cannot stand but is forced to work for survival. Laborer holding a dead end job offering no meaningful compensation for the workers most precious commodity, time

2: a laborer bound under the Oligarchic-Capitalistic system to work for their chosen Corporation as an Exempt employee as defined by the FSLA, for a title such as: Manager, Asst. Manager, Team Member, etc., although their duties are nearly identical as non-exempt employees.

3: a working person demeaned in the workplace.
a laborer bound under the Oligarchic-Capitalistic system to work for a set amount of annual currency at minimum wage or within 50%+ of minimum wage and unable to make more through their own power of negotiation.


The Help Desk

If you would like to help spread the word Econo-Slave to the uninformed, then you can volunteer your TIME, by getting sticker packs and letting your fellow citizens know that you know - change is coming. Have a question? Ask it.

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